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Strain Detail

Basic Information

Strain Id TOMJPW1473-1 
Strain Type EMS mutagenesis lines 
Cultivation record 201302 
Total harvested seed 0.0 ml (2.7 ml)  
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Additional Information

Germination rate (%) 90.0 
Mutation rate (%) 22.2 
First flowering date 2013/04/01 
First fruit harvesting date 2013/05/29 
Flower to fruit period  


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Growth Stage and Phenotype

Growth Stage Phenotype
- ・ Plant size-Large plant
fruit  ・ Fruit morphology-Other fruit morphology
flowering  ・ Flower morphology-Flower organ size
- ・ Plant habit-Internode length

Metabolite Info.

Sample No. 1
Number of Fruits 5
Fresh Weight / Fruit (g) 2.6
Brix (%) 5.2
Carotenoids (µg / gFW) 14.1
Harvested 2014summer

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