Tomato Mutants Archive

EMS and gamma irradiation-induced mutant lines

There are two ways to purchase EMS and gamma irradiation-induced mutant lines M3 seeds from Tsukuba University.

1.You can visit Tsukuba University directly to pick up the M3 seeds.

Strain Id Request(Lines)
EMS mutagenesis lines M3 seed
gamma irradiation-induced mutant lines M3 seed

*You can request up to 3,000 lines of EMS-mutagenized as well as of gamma-irradiated lines per order (up to 6,000 lines in total).

2.You can request for the M3 seeds to be delivered to you.

*The seeds will be sent to you in bulk.

Strain Id Treatment Request(Lines)
Bulk set E01 (former name: EMS bulk set A) EMS treatment
Bulk set E02 (former name: EMS bulk set B) EMS treatment
Bulk set E03 (former name: EMS bulk set C) EMS treatment
  117 lines
Bulk set E04 (former name: EMS bulk set D) EMS treatment
Bulk set E05 (former name: EMS bulk set E) EMS treatment
  130 lines
Bulk set E06 (former name: EMS bulk set F) EMS treatment
  456 lines
Bulk set G01 gamma irradiation
Bulk set G02 (former name: gamma irradiation bulk set) gamma irradiation
  1179 lines
Bulk set M01 EMS treatment
  578 lines
Bulk set W01 (former name: EMS bulk set G) EMS treatment
  471 lines
Bulk set W02 (former name: EMS bulk set H) EMS treatment
  398 lines
Bulk set W03 EMS treatment
  106 lines
Bulk set W04 EMS treatment
  509 lines
Bulk set W05 EMS treatment
  433 lines
Bulk set W06 EMS treatment
  302 lines


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