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Strain Detail

Basic Information

Strain Id TOMJPE7376-1 
Strain Type EMS mutagenesis lines 
Cultivation record 1102~ 
Total harvested seed 2.0ml(0.0ml)  

* We will send 3-15 seeds per set for each mutant line.

* If the seeds of the displayed line are out of stock including sterility, we will send mixed seeds (20-30 seeds) of sibling plants.

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Chang J, Xu Z, Li M, Yang M, Qin H, Yang J, Wu S.
PLoS Genet.  2019 15(10)   e1008438  
Spatiotemporal cytoskeleton organizations determine morphogenesis of multicellular trichomes in tomato.
[PubMed ID = 31584936

Additional Information

Germination rate (%) 70.0 
Mutation rate (%) 14.3 
First flowering date 2011/4/8 
First fruit harvesting date 2011/6/17 
Flower to fruit period  


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Growth Stage and Phenotype

Growth Stage Phenotype
fruit  ・ Fruit morphology-Other fruit morphology

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