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Strain Detail

Basic Information

Strain Id TOMJPF00002 
Strain Name Moneymaker 
Strain Type Wild type cultivars 
Cultivation record  
Total harvested seed  

* We will send 20-30 seeds per set for each wild type cultivar/Introgression lines.

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Yokotani N, Hasegawa Y, Sato M, Hirakawa H, Kouzai Y, Nishizawa Y, Yamamoto E, Naito Y, Isobe S.
BMC Plant Biol  2021 21(1)   476  
Transcriptome analysis of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis-infected tomatoes: a role of salicylic acid in the host response.
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High-Throughput Chlorophyll and Carotenoid Profiling Reveals Positive Associations with Sugar and Apocarotenoid Volatile Content in Fruits of Tomato Varieties in Modern and Wild Accessions.
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Cell-cell adhesion in plant grafting is facilitated by Ī²-1,4-glucanases.
[PubMed ID = 32764072
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Plant Pathology  2019
Systemic necrosis in tomato induced by a Japanese isolate of rehmannia mosaic virus in a temperatureā€sensitive manner
Fukushima A, Hikosaka S, Kobayashi M, Nishizawa T, Saito K, Goto E, Kusano M.
Front Plant Sci  2018 9   1439  
A Systems Analysis With "Simplified Source-Sink Model" Reveals Metabolic Reprogramming in a Pair of Source-to-Sink Organs During Early Fruit Development in Tomato by LED Light Treatments.
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Efficient transient protein expression in tomato cultivars and wild species using agroinfiltration-mediated high expression system.
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Library screening of cell-penetrating peptide for BY-2 cells, leaves of Arabidopsis, tobacco, tomato, poplar, and rice callus.
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Increased 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase activity enhances Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated gene delivery into plant cells.
[PubMed ID = 24000136
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SNPs of CLAVATA receptors in tomato, in the context of root-knot nematode infection.
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PLoS One  2011 6(2)   e16989  
Covering chemical diversity of genetically-modified tomatoes using metabolomics for objective substantial equivalence assessment.
[PubMed ID = 21359231
Kim YW, Hirai T, Kato K, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Ezura H.
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Gene dosage and genetic background affect miraculin accumulation in transgenic tomato fruits.
Hirai T, Fukukawa G, Kakuta H, Fukuda N, Ezura H.
J Agric Food Chem  2010 58(10)   6096-101  
Production of recombinant miraculin using transgenic tomatoes in a closed cultivation system.
[PubMed ID = 20426470
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J Agric Food Chem  2010 58(17)   9505-10  
Molecular breeding of tomato lines for mass production of miraculin in a plant factory.
[PubMed ID = 20695489
Saito T, Ariizumi T, Okabe Y, Asamizu E, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Fukuda N, Mizoguchi T, Yamazaki Y, Aoki K, Ezura H.
Plant Cell Physiol  2011 52(2)   283-96  
TOMATOMA: a novel tomato mutant database distributing Micro-Tom mutant collections.
[PubMed ID = 21258066
Kim YW, Kato K, Hirai T, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Ezura H.
J Agric Food Chem  2010 58(1)   282-6  
Spatial and developmental profiling of miraculin accumulation in transgenic tomato fruits expressing the miraculin gene constitutively.
[PubMed ID = 20014854
Yano M, Hirai T, Kato K, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Fukuda N, Ezura H.
Plant Sci.  2010 178   469-73  
Tomato is a suitable material for producing recombinant miraculin protein in genetically stable manner.

Additional Information

Germination rate (%)  
Mutation rate (%)  
First flowering date 2010/02/08 
First fruit harvesting date 2010/02/08 
Flower to fruit period  


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