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Strain Detail

Basic Information

Strain Id TOMJPF00005 
Strain Name M82 
Strain Type Wild type cultivars 
Cultivation record  
Total harvested seed  

* We will send 20-30 seeds per set for each wild type cultivar/Introgression lines.

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Ayumi Matsumoto, Titus Schlüter, Katharina Melkonian, Atsushi Takeda, Hirofumi Nakagami, Akira Mine
Plant Communications  2021 100227  
A versatile Tn7 transposon-based bioluminescence tagging tool for quantitative and spatial detection of bacteria in plants
Toshihiro Watanabe, Ryota Tomizaki, Ryotaro Watanabe, Hayato Maruyama, Takuro Shinano, Masaru Urayama, Yoshinori Kanayama
Scientia Horticulturae  2021 287   110266  
Ionomic differences between tomato introgression line IL8–3 and its parent cultivar M82 with different trends to the incidence of blossom-end rot
Chihiro Matsumoto, Haruna Yada, Chie Hayakawa, Koichi Hoshino, Hideaki Hirai, Kazuhisa Kato, Hiroki Ikeda
The Horticulture Journal  2021
Physiological Characterization of Tomato Introgression Line IL5-4 That Increases Brix and Blossom-end Rot in Ripening Fruit
Amagaya K, Shibuya T, Nishiyama M, Kato K, Kanayama Y.
Plants (Basel)  2019 9(1)  
Characterization and Expression Analysis of the Ca<sup>2+</sup>/Cation Antiporter Gene Family in Tomatoes.
[PubMed ID = 31878106
Fukuhara T, Tabara M, Koiwa H, Takahashi H.
Arch Virol  2020 165(1)   11-20  
Effect of asymptomatic infection with southern tomato virus on tomato plants.
[PubMed ID = 31620899
Hamada T, Mise K, Kiba A, Hikichi Y
Plant Pathology  2019
Systemic necrosis in tomato induced by a Japanese isolate of rehmannia mosaic virus in a temperature‐sensitive manner
Toju H, Okayasu K, Notaguchi M.
Sci Rep  2019 9(1)   1787  
Leaf-associated microbiomes of grafted tomato plants.
[PubMed ID = 30741982
Hoshikawa K, Fujita S, Renhu N, Ezura K, Yamamoto T, Nonaka S, Ezura H, Miura K.
Plant Cell Rep  2019 38(1)   75-84  
Efficient transient protein expression in tomato cultivars and wild species using agroinfiltration-mediated high expression system.
[PubMed ID = 30328507
Nakayasu M, Shioya N, Shikata M, Thagun C, Abdelkareem A, Okabe Y, Ariizumi T, Arimura GI, Mizutani M, Ezura H, Hashimoto T, Shoji T.
Plant J  2018 94(6)   975-990  
JRE4 is a master transcriptional regulator of defense-related steroidal glycoalkaloids in tomato.
[PubMed ID = 29569783
Ikeda H, Shibuya T, Imanishi S, Aso H, Nishiyama M, Kanayama Y.
Plant Cell Physiol  2016 57(6)   1257-70  
Dynamic Metabolic Regulation by a Chromosome Segment from a Wild Relative During Fruit Development in a Tomato Introgression Line, IL8-3.
[PubMed ID = 27076398
Ejima C, Uwatoko T, Ngan BT, Honda H, Shimizu N, Kiyohara S, Hamasaki R, Sawa S
Nematological Research  2012 41(2)   35-40  
SNPs of CLAVATA receptors in tomato, in the context of root-knot nematode infection.
Kusano M, Redestig H, Hirai T, Oikawa A, Matsuda F, Fukushima A, Arita M, Watanabe S, Yano M, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Ezura H, Saito K.
PLoS One  2011 6(2)   e16989  
Covering chemical diversity of genetically-modified tomatoes using metabolomics for objective substantial equivalence assessment.
[PubMed ID = 21359231
Kim YW, Hirai T, Kato K, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Ezura H.
Plant Biotechnology.  2010 27(4)   333-338  
Gene dosage and genetic background affect miraculin accumulation in transgenic tomato fruits.
Saito T, Ariizumi T, Okabe Y, Asamizu E, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Fukuda N, Mizoguchi T, Yamazaki Y, Aoki K, Ezura H.
Plant Cell Physiol  2011 52(2)   283-96  
TOMATOMA: a novel tomato mutant database distributing Micro-Tom mutant collections.
[PubMed ID = 21258066

Additional Information

Germination rate (%)  
Mutation rate (%)  
First flowering date 2010/02/08 
First fruit harvesting date 2010/02/08 
Flower to fruit period  


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