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Strain Detail

Basic Information

Strain Id TOMJPC00001 
Strain Name jre4-1 (BC3) 
Strain Type Identified Deposited Lines 
Cultivation record  
Total harvested seed 1.8ml  
Background Cultivar Micro-Tom
Category mutants
Depositor Shoji Tsubasa
Request Condition  Citation:required
 Acknowledgement: required

* We will send 3-15 seeds per set for each mutant line.

* If the seeds of the displayed line are out of stock including sterility, we will send mixed seeds (20-30 seeds) of sibling plants.

The strain's reference(RRC) is not avaible.

Additional Information

Germination rate (%)  
Mutation rate (%)  
First flowering date 2020/12/24 
First fruit harvesting date 2021/02/18 
Flower to fruit period  


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mutation in Solyc01g090300  

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