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Strain Detail

Basic Information

Strain Id TOMJPE5508-1 
Strain Type EMS mutagenesis lines 
Cultivation record  
Total harvested seed 0.3ml (0.0ml)  

* We will send 3-15 seeds per set for each mutant line.

* If the seeds of the displayed line are out of stock including sterility, we will send mixed seeds (20-30 seeds) of sibling plants.

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Lewis ER, Nogueira M, Enfissi EMA, Fraser PD.
Phytochemistry  2021 191   112912  
The esterification of xanthophylls in Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) chromoplasts; the role of a non-specific acyltransferase.
[PubMed ID = 34450419
Ariizumi T, Kishimoto S, Kakami R, Maoka T, Hirakawa H, Suzuki Y, Ozeki Y, Shirasawa K, Bernillon S, Okabe Y, Moing A, Asamizu E, Rothan C, Ohmiya A, Ezura H.
Plant J  2014 79(3)   453-65  
Identification of the carotenoid modifying gene PALE YELLOW PETAL 1 as an essential factor in xanthophyll esterification and yellow flower pigmentation in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum).
[PubMed ID = 24888879


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Growth Stage and Phenotype

Growth Stage Phenotype
flowering  ・ Flowering timing-Late
・ Flower color-Pale yellow flower
leaf production  ・ Leaf color-Yellow-green leaf

Plant Ontology

Plant Ontology ID SP:0000054


pyp1 mutant  

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