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 EMS mutagenesis lines

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 gamma irradiation-induced mutant lines

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 T-DNA tag lines

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 EMS and gamma irradiation-induced mutant lines

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 Wild type cultivars

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Basic Information

Strain Id
Strain Name
Strain Type

Plant Ontology

Plant Ontology ID

Growth Stage and Phenotype

germination Seed
leaf production Leaf morphology
Leaf color
side shoot  
inflorescence Inflorescence structure
flowering Flowering timing
Flower morphology
Flower color
fruit Fruit size
Fruit morphology
Fruit color
ripening  Fruit ripening
  Plant size
Plant habit
Disease and stress response
Other phenotypes

Metabolite Information search

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Number of Fruits
Fresh Weight / Fruit (g)
Brix (%)
Carotenoids (µg / gFW)
Harvested year

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